We offer bespoke original ceramic pieces, unique art presents and household goods made in Croatia from sustainable ecological material for practical use and as art. Also, we offer hands-on learning courses and workshops.

We create unique ceramic pieces often blurring the line between sculpture and functional objects. All pieces are hand-built, slabbed or wheel thrown, hand painted or glazed. Although they might be similar, no two are the same. Every item offered on these pages is one of a kind and made with love using the most ecological material known to man. Some pieces are not for sale; they may serve as inspiration and as examples of our work. Naturally similar pieces can be commissioned.

You can also learn more about the pottery process and how it is made by signing up for one of our courses or workshops.

Even if nobody ever wanted to look at a clay sculpture and even if nobody in the world needed another cup, plate, bowl or vase, I would still be making them.
Hope you will enjoy my ceramic pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them.