I met my husband on a blind date. A week later he introduced me to the rest of the Rainbow family and proudly showed me their collection of china and porcelain figurines. This was in England, many years ago. Little did I know that a decade later I will have another blind date, this time in a potter’s workshop. A dear school friend told me she has started a ceremics course and I asked if I could join her the next time she goes.

The first time I touched clay I felt the same as the first time I hugged my husband. I knew: this one is for life! Immediately I enrolled in the course run by a Croatian well-known professor and artist, Mirjana Rajkovic. In time I became an independent ceramicist which coupled with my original teacher training enables me to teach ceramics and pottery and open the magical ceramics word to others. My studying was briefly interrupted by the arrival of a long-awaited baby Rainbow. He is now a teenager and is forever trying his hands on my potter’s wheel and his hand modelled dragons are legendary.

Croatian writer Sanja Lovrenčić once told me that even if there were no readers left in the world she would still be writing. I feel the same about clay, pottery and ceramics.

I create from clay spontaneously, to feel alive, to feel calm, to feel grounded, to feel happy and I am immensely grateful that I can share those feelings with my students.